The Maine Antique Toy & Art Museum is located in Waldoboro Maine, between Bath and Camden on Route 1. We are just three miles north of Moody's Diner, located in a nineteenth century county road house with ample parking. Inside is an extensive collection of antique toys and original comic art that is among the finest on public display anywhere in the world. You will see Mickey Mouse and all his friends as they were originally crafted in the 1930s. We have one of the finest collections of Lone Ranger art, toys and memorabilia in the world. Our museum is best enjoyed by adults who are curious and excited by the art and design of antique toys. Sorry, but we are not an interactive museum for children. We do welcome all well-behaved children under the supervision of an adult.

John Fawcett--A Toy Story from Bob Krist on Vimeo.

Fawcett's Antique Shop displays and sells a general line of antiques. Many new items arrive weekly. We never know what we will find in Maine. We do sell old toys, books, records, sports, soldiers, cards, Staffordshire, Hummels, steins, Coronation porcelain, toy soldiers, and antique collectibles of all kinds.  There is no charge to visit the antique shop.

Fawcett’s Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits original paintings, drawings, photos and assemblages by John Fawcett. His art is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Yale University and other institutions. His work has been can be seen in these publications: American Master Drawings-Stebbins, The Art Of Mickey Mouse-Yoe, The Art of Baseball-Dinhofer. There is no charge to visit the art gallery.

John Fawcett’s art work can be seen in Mel Birnkrant’s world famous collection. Mel comments about Fawcett's Art here: Link

More of Fawcett's art work can be viewed here: Link

Fawcett's Antique Shop displays and sells a general line of antiques. Many new items arrive weekly. We never know what we will find in Maine. We do sell old toys, books, records, sports, soldiers, cards, Staffordshire, Hummels, steins, Coronation porcelain, toy soldiers, and antique collectibles of all kinds. There is no charge to visit the antique shop.

Publications and web sites that feature Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum

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Maine Magazine's January 2011 issue has a wonderful photograph taken in the museum with an article by Meggan Gould. Here is the article

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Amy Sinclair of New England Cable News interviews John and tours the Toy Musuem. For best results view this video in the smaller size. Enlarged images are unclear. Click here for a link to the short video that ran in December 2007.

Michael Barrier, author of HOLLYWOOD CARTOONS, is a scholarly researcher on the history and art of early animation. He recently visited Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum and posted this observation. Here is a link to his web site.

Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum was featured in the December 1998 issue of Down East Magazine. To read what they wrote, click here.

Special page that tells the story how John Fawcett acquired both Lone Ranger' pistols. To read it, click here.

recent additions

Tracy Christmas

1948s Original art Christmas wishes from Dick Tracy, his friends & artist Chester Gould.

red ryder

The museum recently purchased a large collection of Red Ryder comic strip original art. We are proud to announce that over 40 originals of  Fred Harman’s superbly drawn comic strip are on display. During the holiday season, the museum celebrates the CHRISTMAS STORY film about Ralphie and the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. The original Daisy air rifle and the special Christmas Story gun with the sundial and the compass in the stock are on display. We are proud to show many other Red Ryder items. Comic books, Big Little Books, Little Beaver’s archery set and Red Ryder original comic strip drawings by Fred Harman.
From Columbus Day to the last weekend before Christmas, the museum is open Saturday & Sunday from 12 noon to 3 pm. Come see the Red Ryder displays before “you shoot your eye out kid.”

Anne .

Donald Duck

This Hank Porter designed, Donald Duck insignia was for the VT-8 (Torpedo Squadron 8) of the USS Hornet CV-8. During the WWII battle of Midway Island you will find that this was painted on some of the air craft of that unit.

If you are interested in learning more about the WW2 Disney Studio’s wartime involvement, I highly recommend David Lesjak’s web site: http://toonsatwar.blogspot.com/

Snow White

While visiting the Museum don't miss the wonderful antique toys such as this incredible, and exceptionally rare, 1937 Snow White aluminum coffee set.

saddle photos

The two Lone Ranger paintings are artists' depictions of this star of comic books, movies, and TV. These paintings are among other very special paintings of the Lone Ranger in the museum collection.

The Lone Ranger's Parade Saddle was recently added to the museum collection. It is on display with Gene Autry's Rodeo Saddle. Silver details are shown on the Lone ranger Saddle.

Editors Choice
Editors’ Choice in the 2007 and 2010 as One of Best Attractions in New England in the Best of New England Travel Issue of Yankee Magazine

Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum,
Famous Fine Art & Antique Shop
Box 1156, 3506 Atlantic Highway [Route 1]
Waldoboro, ME 04572 USA
Email: fawcetoy@gwi.net
Phone: 207 832-7398 from 7 am to 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Open: Memorial Day to Columbus Day, 10-3 [closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays] Columbus Day until Christmas, Saturdays & Sundays, 12 noon to 3 pm. On days we are closed, we will open for a $50 fee. This fee includes a guided tour of the museum for no more than 6 people. This special tour on a closed day is by appointment only. The date of the appointment tour must be convenient for us.

When visiting the museum, please arrive at least 1 hour before our closing time.

Due to family obligations, on rare occasions, our OPEN HOURS MAY CHANGE. If you need to be sure we will be open CALL 207 832-7398 between 7 am and 8:30 pm Eastern time only. Thank you.

A modest admission fee is charged only for the Museum, disabled patrons are free. There is no charge to visit the art gallery and antique shop.

The museum is on two floors in a 200 year old building. There are no elevators to the upper floor. A patron may be physically unable to walk up a wide flight of stairs to see the items on the second floor. If so, there is no charge for that person to visit the first floor of the museum. All other members of their visiting party must pay a modest admission fee.